GPU crashes under load but everything else stays functional?


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Started experiencing game crashes when playing with high GPU loads about a week ago. I was playing the playtest for The Finals when my internet cut out, which is when the crashes started happening. What's odd about it is that the rest of my laptop seems to be functional. After these crashes, monitoring programs stop reporting stats from my GPU (temperature, usage, etc.). When I try to restart after these crashes, I get a BSOD and when it starts up again, my GPU will no longer be shown in task manager and only the CPU integrated graphics are shown. It'll stay this way unless I turn off my computer for an extended period of time.

Laptop specs:
  • CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 5800H
  • GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 Laptop
  • RAM: 16 GB
  • OS: Windows 10 Home 10.0.19045 Build 19045
I don't really know the specific parts for the RAM, motherboard, or PSU because it is a laptop. I've only had it for two years so I don't think it's an age related issue. It's an Omen 15 laptop if that helps.

I did change the processor power management settings from "Aggressive" to "Disabled" in the power settings after I started getting these crashes, because my CPU would reach 90°C when turning on my computer. I'm pretty sure it didn't reach those temperatures before the crashing started, but I can't be certain. After changing the power settings, it dropped down to being around 50°C.

I'm running everything else on stock settings, so no overclocking or anything like that. I've already tried DDU and updating all my drivers so I don't think it's a drivers issue. I've run GPU Shark while gaming and it says that the GPU Power and Voltage limits are being reached shortly before the game crashes.

I've attached an hwinfo log from one of these sessions. I start the game at around 1 minutes and then the game crashes at around 10 minutes. Could someone please look through and see if anything there shows what the problem is? I've tried looking through it myself but I have no idea how to read it properly. I've been trying to find the problem for a week and have had no luck, so any help is appreciated.

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What does your power adapter say for wattage? Although, this doesn't sound like a power supply issue in that area, it sounds like the way it's getting power after the adapter...
Kind of like running a desktop GPU with 2x PCI-e 8-pin connectors from the same cable can cause an instant shutdown under heavy graphics load.

Even my 6700XT 12GB would shut my PC down when I tested one cable with 2x 8-pin connectors in the game F1 22. It has the highest average wattage draw of all my games and must have some seriously high transient spikes because my PSU is a Corsair HX1200i. Using 2x different cables fixed the issue.