Need help Ryzen 5600x high idle voltage


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Hi so recently i had to clear cmos and lost all my BIOS settings while redoing the settings on my 5600x i noticed that HW info was reporting a high idle CPU core voltage 1.325-1.425 while not doing anything at all really it ( just HW info open ) , under load like cinebench R23 the core drops to 1.15-1.2 volts .
I have a negative offset per core -16 for my best -12 for my second best and -9 on the rest of the cores , thats what i tested as stable , i have DCOP on with 3666 on ram and FCLK on 1833 for a 1:1 and a +200 mhz boost to clock speed .
TDC- 90
EDC- 100
PPT- 85
These are settings i worked in for over a week , testing etc and has been stable for well over a year now . My problem is before i had to clear cmos my CPU core voltage would drop as low as 0.8-1.2 on idle now its pinned some 100mv higher and doesn't seem to fluctuate at all does anyone know why this is and if not is it safe to have that sort of CPU core voltage at idle ?
For all wondering all my testing was done with Cinebench r23, heaven for the GPU , Prime95 and Memtest oh also 3dmark for GPU , all stats/voltages etc where pulled from HW info as it's the one i trust the most .
The cpu voltage im looking at is also the CPU Core Voltage (sv12 TFN) .

Screenshot 2023-01-06 023537.png