1. cableghost

    HWiNFO taking nearly 80% CPU, pushing overall CPU to 100%

    Since the latest version upgrade, HW CPU usage will spike, and the system becomes unusable. I need to force close HW as the system gets to 100% CPU use. After a couple of uninstall/reinstalls, I decided to permanently remove it from my system. If this is a unique issue for my system, I'll...
  2. M

    Difference between "Core Utility" and "Total CPU Utility"

    Hello Everyone, Would love some help understanding the difference between "Core Utility" and "Total CPU Utility," as well as what "Core Utility" itself actually means. Of course one can expand the "Core Utility" tab to understand core utility on a core level, however what is the meaning of the...
  3. F

    Need help Ryzen 5600x high idle voltage

    Hi so recently i had to clear cmos and lost all my BIOS settings while redoing the settings on my 5600x i noticed that HW info was reporting a high idle CPU core voltage 1.325-1.425 while not doing anything at all really it ( just HW info open ) , under load like cinebench R23 the core drops to...
  4. W

    Power reporting deviation <40%

    So i'm running a 3700x cpu with only the auto overclocking enabled in ryzen master for as far as I know. I just saw this in hw info and read the description and well my numbers average a 7.6% power reporting deviation and the description says it should be 100%. I'm getting random blackscreens on...
  5. K

    CPU L1 Cache Errors

    Hello, I recently just built a new pc: CPU: Intel i9-12900K CPU Cooler: Noctua NH-D15 Motherboard: MSI MPG Z690 Carbon WiFi DDR5 RAM: G. Skill S5 64GB 5600 MHz GPU: MSI 3090 Ti Gaming Trio OC SSD 1: M.2 WD Black 500GB SSD 2: M.2 Samsung 980 Pro 2TB After assembly and installation of windows...
  6. BlindBison

    Is there a way to disable all sensors but the ones I’m using for my custom overlay?

    Going off of this thread here: https://forums.guru3d.com/threads/does-hardware-polling-software-like-rtss-hwinfo64-have-a-discernible-impact-on-performance.443665/#post-6030426 It sounds like you don’t really want to run sensors you’re not using as they can take up a bit of CPU time. I only...
  7. B

    CPU usage - HWiNFO64 vs Task Manager

    When I export a video in premier pro 2022 the task manager shows some CPU cores hitting 100% usage and staying there for a while, but HWiNFO shows the values never hit 100% (maximum column)? Which one is wrong here? It is fine when I am running cinebench R23. What am I misunderstanding?
  8. J

    HWiNFO halted 1 cpu core 100% (4 core in total) after playing game in full screen.

    Hi all, After recent update, the HWiNFO64 (version 7.22) running on my WIN 10 PC halted with 1 core (4 core in total) goes 100% after playing game in full screen. I tried to reset the monitor by pressing the "reset values and timers button" of the senor but it halted when I pressed the reset...
  9. U

    CPU Chipset

    Hello, I have a question about chipset and cpu codenames. Please help. I know that both are different but I have to ask,why there is difference between cpu and chispet codenames (please see picture)? cpu code name/architecture is kabylake and chipset codename is skylake.
  10. F

    Alienware m15 r4 temperature review

    Hello everyone, in these days I had some problems regarding CPU/GPU temperatures after a re-paste. I used thermal grizzly thermal paste and I changed some thermal pads too. I tried many times and I was not able to do anything better than these results...
  11. J

    Laptop CPU clock speeds go down to 0.78 Ghz

    Hello everyone, this has been happening for a while and I can't seem to find a solution for it. So here goes: Laptop specs: Alienware 17 R3 || Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 M || 16 GB RAM Intel i7-6820HK 2.70 Ghz Base (Runs near 3.4 Ghz under normal usage) 240W Power supply Note: I use the laptop with...
  12. V

    HWiNFO Not Displaying Core Effective CPU Clock/Average Effective Clock on Startup

    So I launch HWiNFO64 v7.02-4430 by myself manually every time I boot up my computer. However, I've been noticing lately that it does not read the two previously mentioned sensor values on startup, and I have to actively restart the app. This also occurred on older versions of HWiNFO. Any help...
  13. S

    Wrong CPU Package Power reading when overclocking I7-6800K

    Greetings, I'm currently having a look at a platform of mine, that would be a gigabyte x99p-sli (bios F25b) coupled with an I7-6800K. All looked well, save for a reading i noticed while i was scrolling through HWinfo sensors. It seems that when the CPU is used on stock settings and therefore...
  14. B

    What does HWinfo CPU temperature sensors readings mean?

    I have R7 3700X and the temp sensors listed are: CPU(Tctl/Tdie), CPU(Die average), CPU CCD1(Tdie). Does any sensor in hwinfo report IO die temperature? Does CPU(tctl/tdie) report highest temperature only for CCD or for CCD and IO Die? Is "CPU(die average)" average value of CCD and IO die, or...
  15. chraac

    EPYC Rome ES CPU temperature

    I recently purchase a 7452 QS 57-04 on EPYCD8, 8x16GB 2400. And I found that some temperature in HWInfo64 was ridiculous high: As you can see that "CPU Die (average)" was around 72°C and when I run the Prime95 torture test it'll quick raise up to 100°C (TjMax), but the CCD temp seems pretty low...
  16. S

    Where do i check cpu currents (amperage)

    The only sensor that are showing Amps: Cpu core current (svi2 TFN) Soc core current (svi2 TFN) Cpu TDC. which one is the cpu amperage??
  17. ShwaBdudle

    hwinfo64 IA: Max Turbo Limit + IA: Turbo Attenuation (MCT). What do they mean?

    I've been scrolling through HWINFO64 and the info that it shows there, and I have noticed that (Yesterday) The "IA: Max Turbo Limit" Was "Current: Yes, Minimum: Yes, Maximum: Yes" and the "IA: Turbo Attenuation (MCT)" Was "Current: Yes, Minimum: No, Maximum: Yes". Currently, Everything on both...
  18. H

    cpu temp's which value is the correct one?

    hey, i'm confused so which cpu temp value is correct? thanks for the replies in advance! ( Ryzen 5 3600 cpu with the stock cooler ) oh and these temps are after playing couple hours of call of duty warzone.
  19. S

    [Trobleshoot][Help] Red Cross in CPU under ACPI.

    Laptop: Asus Zephyrus G14 CPU: Ryzen 9 4900HS Under ACPI there are three CPU. What does the 3 CPU represent? Why is there a RED Cross on the 3rd one? I don't know if the Red Cross was there...
  20. Z

    I would like to know wich temp to watch for my cpu

    Hi i downloaded hwinfo to know the temperature of my pc but i dont know wich cpu temp i should watch. Sorry for the screenshot i dont know how to cut correctly the picture