1. A

    Can someone explain the different CPU temps and what they mean?

    I think the individual core temps are just that temps for every core individually Distance to TjMAX has something to do with throttling I think No idea whats a CPU package CPU max is the highest temp from individual ones Is the second CPU package different? No idea what CPU IA and CPU GT mean.
  2. Coool

    Intel Atom® Processor Z3736F

    I have spotted misinformation in Platform Section - FC-BGA1380 Source: http://ark.intel.com/products/82115/Intel-Atom-Processor-Z3736F-2M-Cache-up-to-2_16-GHz; https://notebookcheck.net/Intel-Atom-Z3736F-Tablet-SoC.122214.0.html say UTFCBGA592 package. :oops: