HWiNFO halted 1 cpu core 100% (4 core in total) after playing game in full screen.

Jedi Bear

New Member
Hi all,

After recent update, the HWiNFO64 (version 7.22) running on my WIN 10 PC halted with 1 core (4 core in total) goes 100% after playing game in full screen.

I tried to reset the monitor by pressing the "reset values and timers button" of the senor but it halted when I pressed the reset button.

I tried to kill the HWiNFO process using task manager but it failed to stop. (It reported stopped but I can still see HWiNFO running in my process list using 1 of my 4 cpu cores in 100%.)

It seems that there is something halted the running of the monitor.

Is there any setting I need to use to prevent this happened?

Or is there any way to reset the monitor?


Leo Lam
That seems like it hung somewhere in kernel, could be in a call to graphics driver or something similar.
I'd need to see the HWiNFO Debug File to know more.