1. benjdiii

    Whea Logger Event 19 +

    Hello, for a good week now I haven't been able to launch any games, there are only some that work but can, in short when I look at the event observer I notice several errors. Configuration, IntelR CoreTM i9-14900KF MSI GeForce RTX 3060ti Ventus 3X NZXT Kraken Elite 360 - RL-KN36E-B1 Samsung SSD...
  2. B

    need help

    can someone help me look at my HWinfo64 log, i was starting up cs2 after a couple of minutes the game crash. i wonder if there's something wrong with my hardware. luckily start the log in hwinfo64. hope someone can help me read t he log. thank you very much.
  3. J

    HWiNFO halted 1 cpu core 100% (4 core in total) after playing game in full screen.

    Hi all, After recent update, the HWiNFO64 (version 7.22) running on my WIN 10 PC halted with 1 core (4 core in total) goes 100% after playing game in full screen. I tried to reset the monitor by pressing the "reset values and timers button" of the senor but it halted when I pressed the reset...
  4. L

    Troubleshooting plea for help

    I wont bother with a long sob story or other tales but i built a computer for my girlfriend a few years back and after roughly 6 months of using it she noticed after running games for a few minutes the games start freezing in short sessions. It can vary from 2 second freezes that resume up to a...
  5. Q

    Afterburner + HWinfo - Game Process.exe and RAM usage with Ping how configure it on OSD

    Hello Can you tell me how configure HWinfo to display i used long time ago Combo MSI Afterburner with HWinfo but forgoten how setup this 3 things im know its possible to do it bc i had this in past but didint use software from long time i bought 2070 RTX and wanna use it once again for monitor...