High CPU usage vs low CPU utility


I managed to record a log while experiencing some weird moments in time where my windows 10 is very slow to redraw the UI.

I've digged through the log and there is something I can't explain: when the system is sluggish, the CPU usage is very high while the CPU utility is quite low.

Here is a capture of the Log Viewer: the slow system behavior lasts for the first 20 seconds of the log.


What can explain the differences in those two values?

Maybe something happening in the background that is not reported through Task Manager ? Like kernel level or low-level stuff going on?

I have an AMD Ryzen 7600 with EXPO enabled and ESET Smart Security as protection (I think there might be something to do with ESET).

Any help and insight appreciated please! :)

Take care.
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This explains the difference between CPU Usage and Utility:

yes thank you I've already read this but I don't get why it could happen in this scenario and especially why usage > utility. It is almost always this other way around ( usage < utility).

Here with a normal test (game launch and cinebench), usage < utility.

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Try the latest Beta build 5080. Here the CPU usage was reverted back to show the legacy time-based utilization.