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    Hwinfo slow to start

    Hello, lately, hwinfo is much slower on opening. It usually was one second, and now it's around 8 seconds. After some research, i've found that disabling SMBus support, solves the issue, but is there a way to get it open fast again with SMBus support enabled? I'm trying to think of a new driver...
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    High CPU usage vs low CPU utility

    Hello, I managed to record a log while experiencing some weird moments in time where my windows 10 is very slow to redraw the UI. I've digged through the log and there is something I can't explain: when the system is sluggish, the CPU usage is very high while the CPU utility is quite low...
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    Slot not Implemented

    Hello everyone, Could you please tell me what Slot Implemented means? SSD is 970Pro 512GB. Thank you.