Hwinfo slow to start


lately, hwinfo is much slower on opening. It usually was one second, and now it's around 8 seconds.
After some research, i've found that disabling SMBus support, solves the issue, but is there a way to get it open fast again with SMBus support enabled?
I'm trying to think of a new driver that I might have installed, but can't think of any, except xbox controller that I've started using lately.

What can be the cause? Debug file attached.

Thank yous


  • HWiNFO64.DBG
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For some (unknown reason) the VRM HWiNFO tries to access isn't responding which is causing such delay. Have you tried to cold reboot the system if that won't help?
Also some Xbox controllers were seen not to respond during device enumeration in the past. Try to detach it if that will make a difference.
Thank you for the reply. Unfortunately it didn't help though.
Following your comment, I also see that the memory clock in hwinfo is static, so it means hwinfo does not detect the RAM?
I did undervolt the cpu offset in bios lately by -0.05v. Maybe that has something to do with it?
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I will try to implement a workaround for this case in the next (Beta) build.
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