Core thermal Throttling and others


Hi. I'm pretty new to using gaming laptops and using hwinfo. I am currently playing a game (Lad gaiden) and it seems it keeps on hitting the maximum core thermal throttling sensor and others despite having a good average on my cpu temp. Attached is the status. Is this fine and what recommendation you can give to avoid this. I am using lenovo legion slim 7i Gen 8 (2023). I am also attaching my current custom power mode.


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Unfortunately, i wasnt able to save the stats. I'll just replicate the issue and send the new ones here. Thank you for responding!
Hello again.

For some reason, it happened again when I restarted my laptop. I attached the stats and my settings. Sorry for being new to all of these.


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I can see the core temperatures reaching 88 C and package 92 C.
HWiNFO samples the temperature only at discrete points (by default every 2 seconds) and prior to starting HWiNFO it couldn't sample the actual values.
Thermal Throttling flags are however sticky, meaning that if the temperature crossed the threshold those flags remain set until cleared.
So I believe that the temperature has indeed exceeded the threshold for a short time but the actual value wasn't sampled by HWiNFO.
Many notebooks are unable to sufficiently cool the CPU and react fast enough to sudden temperature spikes.
This is common for many models with constrained design (size, weight) so such throttling happens often under higher load and Intel considers this normal (within specification).