No VID voltage on ASUS ROG STRIX Z490-F GAMING Board


Hi, I have 3 questions:

1. There is no VID voltage on in my HWINFO. Is this normal for that board?

2.Can I see whats entering from the VRM to the CPU, like VROUT on Gigabyte motherboards?
Or ASUS have their own sensor for that?

3.The WHEA was showing me 0 errors, now I dont see it. How that works? When it shows exactly?

What do you mean with VID? VID is the requested voltage and should be visible under the CPU node.
ASUS mainboards usually don't have accessible VRMs, but you should be able to monitor the Vcore.
WHEA shows errors only in case they appear.

I dont see VID in that stats. Usually is above the core clock.
So when I see WHEA 0 errors what does it means?
Im asking because usually Im whatching VID, Vcore & VROUT when overclocking. Just Vcore is not accurate enough. I changed the boards recently. It would be nice to have a sensor like VROUT in other boards. I think its only Gigabyte.
Thanx for replying.
You have several values hidden according to the screenshot. Are VID perhaps among those? If not, I'll need to see the HWiNFO Debug File to check this in detail.
WHEA 0 Errors means No errors occurred.
BTW I have VRM and few other stats but doesnt show. Could be from my BIOS settings. Or a driver maybe?
Your CPU doesn't provide VID values for some reason. Not sure why exactly, is SVID enabled in BIOS ?
Hit Ins key over the ASUS EC sensor to enable monitoring of those values.