No Sensor data on b660 asus pro art ,win 11


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Hello, i recentely upgraded my pc to a 13700f and a b660 pro art and i dont get power consumption for my cpu or temperature values in hardware info 64. i installed every driver from the asus support page. Same goes for any motherboard related values like voltages or temperature values. im not sure if it is a bug or different issue, so i posted it here
Specs are b660 pro art, 13700f on windows 11
Software that may could cause this interference.
Armory crate
Any further asus tool ( exept at the ai 3 tool i dont have it installed cause hw info would simply not start if installed)
some old gigabyte tools from my old cpu ( doubt that they cause the issue i have already deinstalled most of them)

the intel xtu tool is able to see temps and power
icue can also see the temperature values from my board
As first, make sure to use the latest HWiNFO version.
If that won't help, please attach the HWiNFO Debug File for analysis.
hello, i just figured out that its just layout issue, normaly my cpu was on the top and i thought that it was simply misssing the data because of all the blanks but i was wrong and because i found it on the bottom with all, bellow the gpu where normaly the end of the tables was. my bad sorry for wasting the time. i think this thread can now be deleted


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Do a Reset Preferences in main settings of HWiNFO or "Restore Original Order" in sensor settings/layout.