1. L

    BSOD/Crash on Asus Zenbook UM3504 when hwinfo64 is running

    Hi, First of all I want to thank the devs for this amazing software. I've been using hwinfo64 for a long time (4+ years) on all the PCs I work with (total about 10 over that timeframe, always running) and never had an issue until now. My company acquired a laptop for me to work on and as a...
  2. T

    VRM Temperature Sensor Missing on Asus X570-I

    Recently changed the mobo from strix b450-i to x570-i and noticed the VRM temp is missing. It seems that there should be one under the “ASUS EC” or "ASUS ROG STRIX X570-I GAMING (Nuvoton NCT6798D)" tag, but it's not there. The BIOS version is 5013.
  3. G

    THRM temperature

    Hi, recently I bought a new laptop - asus tuf gaming a17 (FA707RE with ryzen 7 and 3050 ti). I'm using HWmonitor to monitor it's temperatures. Overall the program works well but what caught my eye is the THRM temperature. When ingame, it's at ~95°C constantly (other components show way less...
  4. PirMufaz

    HWInfo Readings / Sensors ( low voltage on +12V and weird temperatures)

    So I have been facing this issue for a while now. even on different psu and new GPU. I have this issue there. The voltage is really low for +12V, which kind of won't even let the PC boot, but it boots up and talks about overall voltages. My CPU and GPU are getting complete voltage (pics attached...
  5. D

    Fan speed for Asus Zenbook UX433FA

    Looks a great product. Question - where can I find the info on the Fan Speed of my Asus Zenbook UX433FA? I have exported the report to HTML and searched its source, but cannot see any mention of "Fan". This machine has BIOS Version: UX433FA.309 15-July-2019 I have another utility which is...
  6. KirkH420

    ASUS G15 GA502 Ryzen 4900HS RTX2060 HWiNFO is reporting Fan Speeds backwards

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone has seen this issue and if there is anything that I could do to work around this issue. At PC idle speeds/temps and the fan curve left set to allow the device to determine the fan speeds that it needs, under these conditions HWiNFO reports Fan Speed around 735...
  7. C

    Asus Dark Hero VIII Flow Measurement

    Hi all! I'm not seeing my flow header info in HWiNFO, but do see it in the BIOS. I'm wondering if there is something specific I need to do or if I need the vendor supplied software to get this info? Specs: CPU: Ryzen 5900x GPU: Strix 3080 OC RAM: 4266 MHz Trident Z Royal MOBO: Asus Dark Hero...
  8. U

    ASUS GL703GM fan speed not showing

    I have a GL703GM gaming laptop from Asus and HWinfo doesn't show the fans at all on this. Anyway you can add it for this laptop? It is an Asus Rog GL703GM
  9. B

    Asus ROG Strix B450-F Gaming II Wrong WMI +12V Voltages

    My HWiNFO64 shows 10.1-10.2V in the 12V Rail. I'm guessing it's a bug. Thanks.
  10. Blazing Black Beard

    DIMM not detected and Temperature sensors missing Asus Pro WS WRX80E-Sage-SE WIFI

    The memory is not detected in 4 of 8 slots and 4 temperature sensors are missing in the standard DIMM list in the HWInfo sensor section, however the IPMI section shows temperatures for DIMM A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H. Also in the HWInfo main pane the DIMM information only shows information for DIMM...
  11. F

    Asus Strix Z270F question

    Hey , I just have a quick question . Does anyone know what the Mobo temps mean for an Asus Strix Z270F ? I'm interested in the T1 , T2 , Temp3, Temp4 and Temp5. Just curious. More curious about why most are in the 30s with Temp3 being in the 50s. Any help is appreciated. Also , is CPU(PECI)...
  12. B

    ASUS Ryzen Motherboards overheating / faulty temperature sensor problem.

    Hello, I am not sure where to post about it yet, so I came here. A couple days ago I had a first time occasion to stress-test my cpu (R5 3600) in occt. Before stressing it, I checked out some temperatures the program was detecting. What peaked my intrest was a sensor named "Temp2" on the mobo...
  13. I

    Asus TUF 3080 OC fan speed issue

    Hello, I just wanted to post this here and get your thoughts on what might be happening and if it could be explained by how HWiNFO works or if it might be an issue I need to investigate further. I have an Asus TUF 3080 OC and I prefer to set my own fan curve to keep it a bit cooler. The stock...
  14. n1ko

    No VID voltage on ASUS ROG STRIX Z490-F GAMING Board

    Hi, I have 3 questions: 1. There is no VID voltage on in my HWINFO. Is this normal for that board? 2.Can I see whats entering from the VRM to the CPU, like VROUT on Gigabyte motherboards? Or ASUS have their own sensor for that? 3.The WHEA was showing me 0 errors, now I dont see it. How that...
  15. I

    Temp 2 & Temp 5 Asus TUF Gaming B550 Plus

    Dear Sirs, I recently purchased an ASUS TUF GAMING B550-Plus motherboard after much analysis between B450, X570, B550 motherboards. The point is that I think I have made a good choice until I find these temperatures on the Temp 2 and Temp 5 sensors. 93ºC at rest after a time of using the...