Temp 2 & Temp 5 Asus TUF Gaming B550 Plus


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Dear Sirs, I recently purchased an ASUS TUF GAMING B550-Plus motherboard after much analysis between B450, X570, B550 motherboards. The point is that I think I have made a good choice until I find these temperatures on the Temp 2 and Temp 5 sensors. 93ºC at rest after a time of using the equipment. The minimum temperature recorded since the equipment starts is 78º C (hwinfo with automatic start) Maximum 98º C in game load.

Could you help or guide me about it?

Sorry for my english

Thank you very much!
We're not sure what those temperatures mean on this board. It could well be an invalid readout from a sensor that's not used. I wouldn't worry about this and believe the BIOS doesn't show those values.
Thank you very much mate, you have made me sleep more peacefully

I will be attentive to this thread in case there are more news

ty again
Greetings. To me only Temp 2 looks bad 81 C in all four slots. I have Asus Tuf B550M plus. But the BIOS is new and Beta. I hope you can make this awesome Program even better, we like it.
Have a nice day and keep up the good work. " Make Hwinfo64 great again! "


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My new b550 tuf gaming plus also has these two values and I'm trying to understand if they are real .....


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