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Hi, recently I bought a new laptop - asus tuf gaming a17 (FA707RE with ryzen 7 and 3050 ti). I'm using HWmonitor to monitor it's temperatures. Overall the program works well but what caught my eye is the THRM temperature. When ingame, it's at ~95°C constantly (other components show way less temperature - GPU max temp is at ~83°C) and when I'm in desktop with only this program and armoury crate opened, it's at ~64°C. When in desktop I can see it sometimes suddenly rise to 75°C and then drop down right to 64 in 1s.
I'm wondering if it's a bug or is it reading a true temperaure or if it's reading a temperature of a non-existant sensor. idk.

Please help


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HWMonitor is not our product, it's made by CPUID (same as CPU-Z). Hence we can't provide support for this case.