Asus Dark Hero VIII Flow Measurement


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Hi all!

I'm not seeing my flow header info in HWiNFO, but do see it in the BIOS. I'm wondering if there is something specific I need to do or if I need the vendor supplied software to get this info?

CPU: Ryzen 5900x
GPU: Strix 3080 OC
RAM: 4266 MHz Trident Z Royal
MOBO: Asus Dark Hero VIII
Flow Meter: EKWB EK-Loop Connect

Thank you!!
Please attach the HWiNFO Debug File with sensor data so I can check more details why it isn't showing up.
Thanks for the quick reply!

I zipped it since the file was too large to upload, maybe I ran it a bit too long!



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I'm sorry but the attached file doesn't include sensor data, you need to open the sensors window too.
I can see the flow sensor reporting 0, hence it's not shown by HWiNFO.
Can you try to run ASUS AI Suite if that will report Flow Rate and if HWiNFO will start reporting it after launching AI Suite perhaps?