1. R

    No Fan Icon in R12. Is it not Supported?

    I don't see my system fans located in the software anywhere. I don't see a fan icon either. Just double checking in case it's on my end. Is the Alienware R12 not supported. All the fans work - I thought you guys covered all the Alienware models. I own a Dell Aurora 12 Memory: 16 GB Processor...
  2. R

    Temp Sensor

    I own a R12 Alienware computer and was wondering why the temperature would be constantly different in your software and the Dell's command center. Currently the Command Center is reading 59C for the CPU and HWinfo is reading 51C in the CPU Package. It's almost always off by 7 or more degrees and...
  3. N

    GPU sensor problem

    Hello, I use your software for my dahsboard. But the problem is that the cathegorie sensor displays well the information of my processor but it does not display anything for my graphics card. So I tried to search everywhere on the internet but I couldn't find anything. Could you please help me...
  4. Ditendra08

    How to Save Temperature Report

    Is there any way to save temperature report of my components? For example, at the end of the day I want to save report as a file where there will be information of CPU, MB, GPU and SSD temperatures with min max and average for that day.
  5. U

    SSD now showing "drive temperature 3"

    Hello, my HWINFO started showing an extra drive temperature on my SSD Samsung EVO 960 1TB. I did install a newer version of HWINFO so maybe thats why it showed up but I was just about this new sensor because it is showing the my NVME is at 68C while idle while the other 2 sensors are at 40C...
  6. B

    In battery supply mode, Notebook shuts down after some minutes without warning

    In battery supply mode, Notebook shuts down after some minutes without warning. Generation of the sensor values report is not possible in this case. How please Hwinfo64 sensor logging has to be configured, so that the battery sensors values are preserved for evaluation?
  7. D

    Lenovo G585 Fan Monitoring missing

    Dear Hwinfo I have Lenovo G585 with Ene KB9012q IC EC Chip and it would be really great if you could add support for my laptop to read fan speed and also control it if it's possible of course and many thanks in advance for your attention ❤️ Datasheet from the...
  8. brucks

    0º degrees in Core Temps and L3 Temps

    Hello, I'm not sure if it's a normal bug or not my HWINFO version is v7.26-4800, as the title says and as you can see in the screenshot the Core Temp and L3 Temp tabs show a minimum of 0º degrees, is it a known bug? Should I be worried? Thanks for reading me!! btw, here my pc specs: ryzen 5...
  9. brucks

    GPU Memory Junction sensor bug

    Hello, always after finishing my session with my pc I usually tend to see the information that hwinfo has collected, the fact is that I have noticed the following; in the GPU Memory Junction sensor (it appears in spanish but it can be seen on the right) I got really strange temperature sensor...
  10. chrislw

    Enable / Disable monitoring of GPU, Network card, etc

    At some point, I disabled monitoring of the network card. Now, the ethernet controller DL and UP rates do not update (stay at zero). I decided I want to enable them, but I cannot find the option. I remember a table of items such as GPU, network etc that had checkboxes, but I cannot find them...
  11. D

    Starting "Logging Sensor" crash HWiNFO32

    Hello, HWiNFO is great! Thanks very much ! On a PLC based on Windows Embeded, HWiNFO32 works well. But starting the logs (using the "Logging Start" button in the "Sensor Status" window) crashes the HWinfo32 application (after entering the name of the file, just after clicking on "Save"). For a...
  12. Blazing Black Beard

    DIMM not detected and Temperature sensors missing Asus Pro WS WRX80E-Sage-SE WIFI

    The memory is not detected in 4 of 8 slots and 4 temperature sensors are missing in the standard DIMM list in the HWInfo sensor section, however the IPMI section shows temperatures for DIMM A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H. Also in the HWInfo main pane the DIMM information only shows information for DIMM...
  13. B

    What does HWinfo CPU temperature sensors readings mean?

    I have R7 3700X and the temp sensors listed are: CPU(Tctl/Tdie), CPU(Die average), CPU CCD1(Tdie). Does any sensor in hwinfo report IO die temperature? Does CPU(tctl/tdie) report highest temperature only for CCD or for CCD and IO Die? Is "CPU(die average)" average value of CCD and IO die, or...
  14. n1ko

    No VID voltage on ASUS ROG STRIX Z490-F GAMING Board

    Hi, I have 3 questions: 1. There is no VID voltage on in my HWINFO. Is this normal for that board? 2.Can I see whats entering from the VRM to the CPU, like VROUT on Gigabyte motherboards? Or ASUS have their own sensor for that? 3.The WHEA was showing me 0 errors, now I dont see it. How that...
  15. B

    HWiNFO shows unexpected water flow value

    Hey guys, In my PC I'm running an AIO water cooling system with an ASUS ROG CROSSHAIR VII HERO mainboard. My AIO provides a water flow connector and my mainboard supports a plug for this very connector. I connected the cable and HWiNFO displays the value: Long story short: I doubt this...
  16. J

    fan sensors not working

    im trying to control my dell xps 13 fans but i cant seem to load the sensors ive attached the screenshots currently my thermal managment is rubbsh and clock speeds throttle to 1.8ghz
  17. J

    What does Drive Warning indicate?

    Greetings, I have set several alerts for the sensors of my SATA Hard Drive. A while ago the Drive Warning alert went off, it went from 0 to 1. And the Summary page shows a yellow warning indicator next to the affected Drive. See attached photos. What warning does this indicate? Too many bad...
  18. shengjiex98

    Core 4 Clock (perf #5) Unavailable

    Hi all, Hope you all are doing well in these weird times! I just found out today that on the title bar of the sensor window, it says "1 value hidden", although I do not recall hiding anything myself. I went into the settings and found it was the Core 4 Clock (perf #5) that's been hidden. I...
  19. 2

    Missing Fan RPM

    Hi there Most of my sensor data is there right after the start of HWiNFO64 on WIndows 10. Additional fan speed reports pop up only after the fans run for a while - in one case even then not persistently. Two fans are especially problematic: The onboard PCH fan (X570 chipset cooler), which...