HWiNFO shows unexpected water flow value


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Hey guys,

In my PC I'm running an AIO water cooling system with an ASUS ROG CROSSHAIR VII HERO mainboard.

My AIO provides a water flow connector and my mainboard supports a plug for this very connector. I connected the cable and HWiNFO displays the value:


Long story short: I doubt this value is correct. 541 liters per minute would be 32.460 liters per hour. But even if the unit is wrong 541 liters per hour is also far too high. Is this just a reading error? Being an AIO I would assume a water flow between 10 and 30 liters per hour.
The Water Flow value shown is calculated using default conversion formula (=RPM * 0.024), which might not work for some custom AIOs. I guess the BIOS is showing the same value.
So in such case you might need to adjust the value shown in HWiNFO via Customize Values - Multiply. Consult the manual of your AIO to determine the formula needed.