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    HWinfo makes update corsair watercooling glitch during update

    Hello When I wanted to update the firmware of my corsair Icue H115i RGB pro xt AIO watercooling I have a bug and the update could not continue. even with the files to force the update. The watercooling was no longer detected. So panic on board, but fortunately the H115i, even without firmware...
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    HWiNFO shows unexpected water flow value

    Hey guys, In my PC I'm running an AIO water cooling system with an ASUS ROG CROSSHAIR VII HERO mainboard. My AIO provides a water flow connector and my mainboard supports a plug for this very connector. I connected the cable and HWiNFO displays the value: Long story short: I doubt this...
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    Beta 4285 - Kraken X73 liquid temp & pump RPM values fluctuating

    I'm currently using beta 4285 and the kraken x73 shows liquid temp and pump rpm fluctuating with every sensor refresh every second or two from showing an accurate value (ie: 28C liquid temp) to a false value like 4C liquid temp or 0 rpm on the pump. the sensor name is also shown as "NZXT Kraken...
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    CPU Fan Speeding Reading is very high RPM and not correct value when using Corsair H100i RGB Platinum

    Hello, can someone please help me understand why my CPU fan speed is giving me a reading of 4000+ RPMS when I know this to be false. I have a corsair H100i RGB platinum AIO cooler for the CPU with two fans. The fans are plugged into the AIO cooler and the header for the AIO cooler is plugged...