CPU Fan Speeding Reading is very high RPM and not correct value when using Corsair H100i RGB Platinum


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Hello, can someone please help me understand why my CPU fan speed is giving me a reading of 4000+ RPMS when I know this to be false. I have a corsair H100i RGB platinum AIO cooler for the CPU with two fans. The fans are plugged into the AIO cooler and the header for the AIO cooler is plugged into the CPU fan header. HWInfo does recognize my AIO cooler and is giving me correct readings of the fan speeds and pump speeds, which all aligns with the corsair ICUE software readings of the speeds. They are about 700 RPMS for both fans and around 2000 RPMS for the pump. However my CPU fan reading is very high, 4000+ RPMS.

I am using an asus b450-f Gaming MB, I have attached a photo of the readings from HWinfo and Corsair ICUE
HWInfo Readings.PNG
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