Core 4 Clock (perf #5) Unavailable


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Hi all,

Hope you all are doing well in these weird times!

I just found out today that on the title bar of the sensor window, it says "1 value hidden", although I do not recall hiding anything myself. I went into the settings and found it was the Core 4 Clock (perf #5) that's been hidden. I un-hided it, then it is like this on the sensors windows. All other values of Core 4 is showing up alright, although i do notice that the effective clock for core 4 often seem to be the lowest of the cores (not in this screenshot tho).

I also checked Task Manager, and all cores seem to be working fine.

Could this be an indication that something's actually going on with my CPU? Or it's a bug with HWiNFO? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

2020-04-24 (1).png2020-04-24 (2).png