+12V Rail 0.1v Fluctuations?


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now I'm fully aware that software and even Bios aren't fully reliable for PSU readings (HWInfo and Bios have the exact same readings for me), but in the images below, for as long as I've had this Phanteks Revolt Pro 1000W PSU (about a month now), I've seen these ~0.1V fluctuations. in games, from my experience, it's more of a stable 11.884 reading with occasional spikes to 11.980, but when I'm just browsing and chilling, it's a lot more up and down, and I'm concerned this could indicate future problems, maybe even sooner rather than later?

I'm aware I'm within spec range as I haven't gone below 11.4/11.6 or anywhere near the max limit, but is this something to be concerned about. I read on some other forum from a while ago that +0.1v jumps are really bad but as always, I find either really conflicting responses or ones that don't really answer my concerns because my PSU knowledge is heavily limited

this is while I was playing Elden Ring (you can see the little spikes to 11.980)


this is a sample of when I'm just browsing, where you can see it spikes and sometimes plateaus between the 2 readings a lot more.


I haven't really experienced instability or anything, and my PC isn't terribly loud, although I know my front 2 case fans have started making strange buzzing-like noises but they're only really noticeable if you're trying to hear them or get close to the case. idk if that would have anything to do with the PSU but I'm worried it might have something to do with it, like I said my knowledge is pretty limited
I believe that a drop by 0.1V is really nothing to worry about.
alright, sometimes it exhibits the same behavior while I'm playing games, mostly windowed/non-fullscreened games I was kind of concerned that it was like an early sign of something faulty