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    Performance limit - utilization is toggled to Yes

    What does this performance limit utilization mean at the gpu section? It's now set permanently to yes after some time passes when im idle even when i game it still does not go away. Idk what else happens but the game is buttery smooth no issues and all that. I think it was already set to yes but...
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    Zotac 1080 TI AMP! Extreme Core Edition crashing

    Hey, I got problems with my Zotac 1080ti AMP extreme edition. I experienced a lot of crashes in high graphics intense games like "The Witcher 3", "Greedfall", "Mordhau". The games work fine, no frame drops, high and stable frame rates, good temperatures of max 70°C, no graphic failures or...
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    GPU temperatures

    Hi , all my gpu temperatures are meausring the same on aida 64 stability test . the temperatures are right ? I wish that the core and memory temperatures was accurate , there are meausiring the same so I don´t know if they are . GPU model : XFX RX 580 GTS XXX 4gb