1. BimboBamse

    Removing colon between sensor-name and sensor-value in OSD?

    As title states. is there a way to remove the colon between sensor-name and sensor-value in OSD, and if not, could this be added?
  2. S

    Add apply to sensor settings and add right click to sensor status and more.

    Would like you to add apply to sensor settings so I can easily remove or add on without the setting window closing. Also, in Sensor Status have it so you can right click on any of the sensors and add "Add to tray" and "Add to OSD". And if already added have is say "Remove from tray" and "Remover...
  3. F

    How do I toggle OSD output OFF by default on startup?

    After opening a video game for the first time after turning on the pc, the osd always shows up by default. Currently, I always just use ctrl + f3 to turn it off but this is a glaring issue as my pc is portable and not always in the presence of a keyboard, such as when I bring it to the living...
  4. Q

    Afterburner + HWinfo - Game Process.exe and RAM usage with Ping how configure it on OSD

    Hello Can you tell me how configure HWinfo to display i used long time ago Combo MSI Afterburner with HWinfo but forgoten how setup this 3 things im know its possible to do it bc i had this in past but didint use software from long time i bought 2070 RTX and wanna use it once again for monitor...
  5. K

    Feature request: alerts in OSD

    Hello all I'm not sure that I am first who ask for this, neither this is the right branch, but still Monitoring is boring, stand up and admit it. When I game, I don't really need a box with values, constantly sitting in the corner of the screen. But in order to keep an eye on the hardware...
  6. N

    Where do I set a hotkey for RTSS OSD toggle?

    Hello everyone. I finally finished setting up HWInfo + RTSS to show OSD info while I play my games. There's only this left that I just can't find on the internet (yes, I've been searching for it for dozens of minutes by now, sorry if it's easily found here on the forums, as I could not). Given...