Feature request: alerts in OSD


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Hello all

I'm not sure that I am first who ask for this, neither this is the right branch, but still

Monitoring is boring, stand up and admit it.

When I game, I don't really need a box with values, constantly sitting in the corner of the screen.

But in order to keep an eye on the hardware and tracking fps drops and bottlenecks, OSD can't be just thrown away.

I suggest simple solution that will make OSD less distracting.

You already have alerts, with all these ranges for values. But all they do is red line in the Sensors window and playing a sound.

Make a feature complete, connect them to RTSS OSD!
From design perspective it is pretty straightforward.
Just add a checkbox in OSD value configuration that says "Omit until alert", so until this value is in the given range - gamer will not see it.
Additionaly, there might be an option to change colour on alert, for those who consider "Omit until alert" too radical.

Thanks in advance and I say, this might be advertised on the first page as killing feature, it will really be.