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    +5v on Mobo is reporting 3v. Is this normal?

    Is this a normal reading for the 5v line? This is from idle usage. Thanks! Specs: i5-2400 AsRock h670m-itx/ax RTX 3060ti LHR NZXT H1 (v1) psu
  2. D

    AMD APU SOC Power

    Hello everyone, I tried to measure AMD APU power usage. But I'm not sure which item is the correct one. Should it be "CPU Package Power" or "CPU Package Power" + "GPU ASIC Power"? is there a readme file on what all these statistics are? Thanks,
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    Trigger power profile change based on CPU or GPU temperature or other variable

    Hi, sorry if this has been asked a billion times, I cant find a clear answer. Its simple enough to write another process to use HWiNFO's sensor data, but I don't want to run yet another TSR I can see that each sensor can trigger an event based on a threshold, but it seems to me that, it can...
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    Does this shows total GPU power and/or TDP

    In HWInfo, I only have 1 sensor that shows anything power related for the GPU, which is GPU Core (NVVDD) Output Power. Is this what shows total GPU power and/or TDP. There's no other option for me so I don't really know. I'm on a laptop if that helps.
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    Simple questions about CPU/GPU power/temperature

    Q1. (A)Tctl/Tdie, (B)Tdie, (C)Motherboard CPU. A seems always higher than B, and C seems to be closer to A. It's a ZEN 2. What CPU temperature am I supposed to use, A? Q2. (A)CPU package power (SMU), (B)CPU Core Power (SVI2 FTN). What is the TOTAL power consumption of my CPU, A+B? Q3. (A)GPU...
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    HWinfo does not show FX 8320e Power Usage

    I've bought a new M5A99 FX PRO R2.0 + FX 8320e kit, and I can't make it to show the power usage in any way. Would be something i did wrong the BIOS ? I didn't reinstall windows, still using the same ssd of my old fx 6300 + M5A97 LE R2.0 (which showed the power consumption)