Trigger power profile change based on CPU or GPU temperature or other variable


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Hi, sorry if this has been asked a billion times, I cant find a clear answer.

Its simple enough to write another process to use HWiNFO's sensor data, but I don't want to run yet another TSR

I can see that each sensor can trigger an event based on a threshold, but it seems to me that, it can only be used to trigger an event when the threshold either exceeds a value, or drops below a value.
The problem I see is, if the sensor value hovers around the threshold value, the existing methods could cause multiple triggers flip flopping the threshold action.

I looked at trying to create duplicate HWiNFO sensors monitoring the same hardware sensor, but couldn't work out how to do it.

I want to do the following or a variation of, so no change happens between 10% and 30% to prevent flip flopping..

if [[ CPU% -lt 10 ]]; then
if [[ CPU% -gt 30 ]];then

Again, apologies if this has come up a zillion times before.


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You can avoid such flip flopping using settings like "Samples to trigger" or "Notification distance" that specify additional conditions required to trigger an alarm.