strange reading

  1. HazzyDevil

    121.3C on CPU Die (average) during OCCT Memory Test (HWiNFO Pro v7.63-5205)

    Should I be worried? I noticed HWiNFO64 Pro v7.63-5205 had a max read of 121.3C for the CPU die average during a memory test in OCCT as shown in the screenshot. I wanna say it's a misreading and perhaps 2x what it should've been given that half of the average value would be 60.65C which would...
  2. E

    Strange Thermal behaviour on DELL G5 5590

    Hi everyone, I have a thermal problem on my laptop probably due to some software issue. I spotted something strange in embedded controller temperature reading correlated to GPU temperatures: this happens when I start certain programs (Matlab, AutoCAD, ABAQUS...) and I let them idle without...