121.3C on CPU Die (average) during OCCT Memory Test (HWiNFO Pro v7.63-5205)


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Should I be worried? I noticed HWiNFO64 Pro v7.63-5205 had a max read of 121.3C for the CPU die average during a memory test in OCCT as shown in the screenshot. I wanna say it's a misreading and perhaps 2x what it should've been given that half of the average value would be 60.65C which would line up with everything else being shown.

Hoping to get some thoughts on this. Is there any other reading that looks out of the norm?

2023-09-17 21_27_55-HWiNFO64 Pro v7.63-5205 - Sensors Status.png
related to that :

related to that :

Thanks for that! Based off of Martin's comments there, I assume this might have occurred due to the monitoring of the temps within OCCT at the same time then.