svi2 tfn

  1. PiersJH

    Vcore vs CPU Core Voltage (SVI2 TFN) - Ryzen 5900X 1.47v Vcore / 1.52v SVI2 TFN / 1.50v VID

    Hello, My PC is only a few weeks old (there are no old components in it) and I have recently found the CPU requesting too much voltage, and it being supplied with too much (as per AMD specification for the 5000 series). Which measurement is more accurate? I should note, that this is with PBO...
  2. C

    Ryzen 3700X Core Voltage High (SVI TFN) and higher than VID

    Motherboard Asus Prime X570 Pro I see that my Core voltage SVI TFN (Max 1.538) exceeds what I have read as maximum safe operating voltage for the core. I also see that Core VID Max is 1.5 and never higher. I am not overclocking or running PBO by default or other such enhancements. Yet my Core...