1. W

    Power reporting deviation <40%

    So i'm running a 3700x cpu with only the auto overclocking enabled in ryzen master for as far as I know. I just saw this in hw info and read the description and well my numbers average a 7.6% power reporting deviation and the description says it should be 100%. I'm getting random blackscreens on...
  2. S

    How does HWINFO query the CPPC Preferred Cores data?

    As in the title. Recently I noticed that on my laptop Windows 11 has been placing some single core esque workloads on SMT threads, instead of their physical counterparts. Not only that but it is also not favouring the best cores on the CPU (according to the order given by HWINFO). Upon...
  3. GoodPal

    A few short steps to reach the most powerful program representing the system specifications

    Hello friends First: Thank you for the very powerful and useful program you have created But I have a suggestion, that please show the system in the ip local network section The only thing in the program or program report is to show ip local, please add it to the program Like the ipconfig...