wrong cpu temp

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    My motherboards power reporting deviation problem

    when its on load it goes from 80% to 140% under load so i guess thats bad and my cpu heat sensor died on the bios it shows -55 Celcius how do i fix it? I have a hyper 412 full fan speed and a ryzen 5 3600 i don't thik it should surpass 70 Celcius
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    Hardware info 7.02 broken boost clocks and old bug still here

    Hi, I will go straight to the point. On hardware info 7.02 a strange behaviour which started in version 6.x and was fixed in the last 2 releases of version 6 and was not present in version 7.00 has appeared again: when at idle my cpu usually idles and 599-499 mhz on all 4 cores, but one version...