1080 Ti FTW3 sensors.


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I haven't seen the 1080 Ti iCX sensors appear once in version 5.72-3333 in the month or so I've been running it. Are they still supported?  :huh:
Please check in main settings - SMBus/I2C if you maybe have "GPU I2C Bus Exclusion" for some buses. If yes, remove that.
You might also try to click the "Reset GPU I2C Cache" button to see if that helps.
Doesn't seem to be any GPU I2C Bus Exclusions, screenshot attached in case I missed something.. Resetting the GPU 12C Cache didn't seem to help either...

Please try the latest version 5.74 and 5.79 Beta if that makes any difference.
Will do, was about to update anyway. Can I simply copy the HWiNFO64.exe from the .zip into the existing installation? Can't remember if the .INI's are needed either...
I opened and closed version 5.74 three times still with no iCX sensors. Opened a fourth time and this time resetting the GPU 12C Cache again and that seems to have done it, iCX sensors showing. I recall having a similar issue on some of the older versions where it was hit or miss whether they would appear each time but let's see how this goes. Do the GPU ICX sensors or HWiNFO require the EVGA Precision X software to be running in order to to get the readings or not?
The EVGA Precision X should not be required.
But ICX is a proprietary technology and there's not much info available about it, so the support in HWiNFO is more-less experimental. There were some issues in older HWiNFO versions and those were fixed recently. But since I don't have such GPU at my disposal, I can't give any guarantee - you'll will need to try and see how it works. If there are issues, let me know and I will check that.
Every one of my startups have not detected the iCX sensors since I posted last the other day. It's only when I clear the GPU 12C Cache that they are detected. Could the issue lie there?
Yes, it seems so.
Please post 2 Debug Files:
1. After clearing the GPU I2C Cache
2. A new start without clearing the cache (when the sensor doesn't appear)
I managed to get a debug file today where the iCX sensors did not start and this was after clearing the GPU I2C Cache last night, but since I cleared the GPU I2C Cache again today the iCX sensors have started up with every subsequent HWiNFO start since. So the Debug file I have is one after clearing the GPU I2C Cache again but the iCX sensors continued to start on subsequent startups without clearing the cache again. Not sure if this helps?  :huh:

Thanks. I have just released v5.79-3390 Beta with some improvements to ICX. Please try it and let me know if it's better now.
Hmm, unfortunately my first run of 5.79-3390 didn't pick up the iCX sensors :( Actually, make that second run. I noticed I now have all 3 fan GPU, MEM, PWR fan readings :)
ICX sensors show on this starup. It doesn't surprise me you have so much trouble with EVGA stuff :/