10900KF: DTS vs Enhanced CPU Package Temp

Please see the pic attached.
I know it's only 3c difference. But which one is more valid reading? and I am curious on what is the difference between the 2 sensor data.



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Good question :) We've seen this on some systems and I have to admit that I was wondering about this too :)
Both values are read from different sources, but should represent the same value. But on some systems there seems to be an offset applied and Intel never clarified this difference.
Let me check this with Intel and get back to you when I have answers...
For the time being I'd suggest to rather rely on the value under DTS sensor.
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There is also a third CPU Package under the Asus motherboard on that picture. I read the one under my Asus motherboard. It is a little cooler than the other two under the processor nodes.