+12V Voltage drop !!! Is this safe or dangerous ?


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I experienced a very long boot time at the motherboard logo instead of Windows loading, and I also experienced the same thing when I turned off the computer, the longest time ever recorded for startup was 10 minutes and for shutdown 15 minutes.
asus b450 f gaming ii, ryzen 3700x, nvme sx8200 adata,nvidia 1650 super, please give me your opinion ???


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This is something else - the BIOS isn't properly reporting the +12V but the voltage is most probably OK.
A long BIOS POST - that's what's happening while the mainboard logo is shown - usually means that some device needs a long time to respond to the system. This can be due to a bad connection (e.g. to a drive, improperly seated card) or some kind of device failure (e.g. a dying/bad drive or card).

BIOS POST yang panjang - itulah yang terjadi saat logo mainboard ditampilkan - biasanya berarti bahwa beberapa perangkat membutuhkan waktu lama untuk merespons sistem. Hal ini dapat disebabkan oleh koneksi yang buruk (misalnya ke drive, kartu yang tidak terpasang dengan benar) atau beberapa jenis kegagalan perangkat (misalnya drive atau kartu yang sekarat / buruk).

So, what should I do ?
So, what should I do ?
Well, check all connections to all drives/disks and if all cards are seated in their slots properly.

Does the long BIOS POST occur every time or was this a one-off? In other words: Can you reproduce it?