13900kf z790 aorus elite ax hwinfo64 values mhz question


Hey guys, i just built my new pc and im witnessing something in hwinfo64 thats a bit weird to me even tho i dont know if its an issue or not,

on my 13900kf thats used on a gigagyte z790 aorus elite ax ddr5 rev 1.2, Core 0 is the only core thats currently going to random idle at 800mhz while all the other cores boost to max, visible in the following screenshot


my full specs are:
MB: Gigabyte z790 aorus elite ax ddr5
CPU: intel 13900kf
GPU: gigabyte rtx 4080 gaming oc
RAM: 32 gb Corsair vengeance rgb 7200 mhz cl 34
AIO: Lian li trinity 2 galahad performance 360
Power Supply: Be Quiet Straight Power 12 1000watt platin
Windows 10 pro

would be awesome if anyone could help me with this cause im not quite sure if my system is running the way it should, im not manually overclocking anything, i didnt change my bios besides the preset of optimization which should boost the cores to max.

any help much appreciated let me know if u need any further info:)
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Does the Effective clock behave similar?

i currently got the ecores disabled via a gaming function preset of the mb, its doing the same thing tho, im not quite sure about effective clock stuff but i hope u see everything needed in that new png, im also getting a voltage dip for the same core, visible in the following pngdip.png

btw thanks for the quick answer!:)
so its been some days, can i expect any further help with the investigation? im really starting to worry if everything is okay with the cpu, i ran the intel diagnostic tool and it passed with everything so im very confused
What kind of workload/benchmark have you used to load all cores? Try something like Cinebench.
this is a screenshot of hwinfo during a 5 min cinebenchr23


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That looks OK based on the Max values, all cores reach 5.5 GHz.
Have a read:
so i assume everything works the way it should? im really sorry to bother but this is my first high end pc and i was worried that i messed something up during installation or hardware had issues out of the box....
last thing that im curious about is this stresstest in xtu, no matter if i stresstest memory or cpu, i get this max core graph behavior

as you can see the indivudual cores are showing the correct frequency but the max core frequency is doing that 0 frequency thing.

should i just not worry about this at all?

edit: the max core frequency is shown in grey here


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