2080 Ti FTW3 voltage/current/power readings remain static.


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I'm not getting any changes from the voltage, current and power readings for my 2080 Ti FTW GPU. Min, max and average stay reading the current readings. I'm using the latest beta 6.21 4055...
Can you post a screenshot of that sensor? Also the Debug File might be helpful.
Here we go.


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Please check if those values will start to change if you launch the EVGA Precision X1 software.
Please check if those values will start to change if you launch the EVGA Precision X1 software.

OK yes.... I recently stopped using PX1 and have been using MSI After Burner for GPU overclocking instead. So the software makes these values work and not the GPU itself? Could MSI AB be programmed to make these work?
I will check this with EVGA and will implement this straight in HWiNFO once I get the information how to enable power monitoring.
Yes. The problem is not reading, but it looks like the power monitor is not enabled by default and requires some operation to start monitoring.
Meanwhile, could you post 2 Debug Files: 1. after boot when power values are static, 2. right after starting the Precision tool and when values work.
I just noticed that the power values starting changing without EVGA PX1 running... Or maybe PX1 was opened then closed but I don't think so...
Unfortunately I haven't been able to determine from those dumps what is be the enabling method and if there's any at all.
EVGA didn't respond yet, but it's Chinese New Year now, so there will be a delay.
Are you able to determine what action is triggering the power monitoring start? Are the values always stuck after new boot without PX1 start?
Yes stuck at boot without PX1. It appears PX1 can be launched to activate the sensors, then closed off and the sensors continue to work without PX1 running...
Important to know now is whether the power monitoring is not stuck after clean boot without starting PX1.
Have good power readings after a sustained gaming load and PX1 has not been launched since the system was booted. Will confirm on a reboot tomorrow but it looks good. :)