220 PCI/PCIe Bus Errors in 7 min monitoring


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Hi everyone and good morning,

Ive recently updated my pc with new mobo, cpu and ram and im running into some freezing issues with my setup. Ive updated the drivers and bios via the mobo website and made sure the ram is qvl for my mobo. problem is im monitoring my setup and ive noticed that there is a large amount of errors under windows hardware errors in hwinfo. Ill post the loggs i recorded for looking into.

I know its late in my time zone as its 1 am but if all possible for people to take a look and help me find out what i can do to solve this issue

i appreciate anyone who takes the time and effort to look over the logs and assisting me,

Thank you

Oh no! I’ll try to re insert the card and check my drivers when I get home. Do you think it’s a hardware issue or software looking at the file?
:UPDATE 4/15/2023:
After checking the gpu i saw that it was properly installed so this wasn't the issue. HOWEVER, i am using a corsair riser cable to have my gpu vertical mounted. I have checked the mobo manual and the board comes with a PCIe mode switch to send either gen 4 or gen3 signals through the PCIe slot. I switched the setting to the second slot for PCIe to receive gen 3 signal as the riser is a PCI 3.0 and this has solved my issue when checking HWmonitor tool and so far so good ive not had freezing issues. I will keep monitoring my pc and keep stress testing hardware to see what is stable.

Again thank you Martin for helping me id the main issue, Cheers!