8700K per core Vcore missing.

Which mainboard do you have? It's quite possible that it doesn't support Vcore monitoring due to FIVR and the vendor reports VID instead of Vcore.
Hi Martin,

Asus Maximus X Hero.. Many features in this Bios that I am not familiar with yet!
There is one Vcore reading under the Maximus X heading in HWiNFO but no per core readings.
That board doesn't support per-core Vcore monitoring. Even those few which do support it, I believe are not very accurate.
Hi Martin,

Interesting. How do you know that? My old Z97-A had per core voltage monitoring. So the best I will get is package Vcore only I guess?
Hi Martin,

Upon changing to an adaptive CPU overclock vs manual the core VID's are showing in HWiNFO.