ADATA/XPG Gammix S70 Blade series SSD Controller/NAND temps swapped/bogus?


Most M.2 SSD seems to have two sensors. The first is for ASIC controller and the second is for NAND flash.

And the general rule of thumb is that the controller temperature is always higher because it consumes more power and does most of the work.
However on my S70 blade (4TB model) for some reason it's the opposite. It shows controller temp as roughly 10c lower. I find that hard to believe.

Im thinking that perhaps for some reason the manufacturer has swapped these sensors somehow and HWiNFO64 assumes standard configuration.

I have them renamed but the original names are as follows. I've added example temps too:

Drive Temperature 3 (this reads as controller): 22c
Drive Temperature (this reads as flash): 32c

During benchmark stress test these temps go to:
Drive Temperature 3 (this reads as controller): 33c
Drive Temperature (this reads as flash): 41c

That's very odd because during benchmark most PCIe 4.0 M.2 controllers easily go above 60c.
Im thinking the drive itself might be under-reporting temperatures.
Yes, it's possible that the manufacturer has swapped those meanings.
The NVMe standard doesn't enforce a specific meaning for the set of temperatures provided by the drive. For the first temperature the standard only says:

Composite Temperature: Contains a value corresponding to a temperature in degrees Kelvin that represents the current composite temperature of the controller and namespace(s) associated with that controller. The manner in which this value is computed is implementation specific and may not represent the actual temperature of any physical point in the NVM subsystem.