Add link to "Settings" in "Sensor Settings".

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I've spent quite a while now trying to find the "Backup User Settings" button. All info says it's on the "Settings" screen, which of course it is.

However, I always step right to the sensors. Often I will restart HWiNFO many times. So eventually I stopped noticing that there's an option to see the Summary screen. And the Sensor Settings screen has no hint that there are other, overall settings.

--> It would be very useful if the Sensor Settings had a link to the general System Summary Settings.

[ I'm sure this has been hashed over... but it seems like the overall settings could equally be a tab in the Sensor Settings ie. only one settings screen. ]

Anyway - Thanks for the great app for which I have donated a bit once or twice.
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You can access the main settings by right-clicking the tray icon, which is visible in Sensor-only mode ;)
Thanks for your donations.