Alerts running a program


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I found a possible bug in the way the alerts run a specified program in HWinfo64. When the temperature triggers the alert I need to run a script in .exe file to insert a temperature value into a specific text file, which then would be read by another application.
This worked very well when I opened HWinfo (sensor only mode) and set the alarm to run the mentioned script (located in different folder on my disk). When I close HWinfo and run it again, it seemed that the program doesn't start with the alert - I assumed that because the output text file was not being updated. Then i checked the HWinfo app folder and found that the file appeared there instead of the folder where my script executable was located . When I simply go to alert setting and select my script executable again, it starts to work as needed.
I think there might be some problem with saving the path to the script executable (global/relative maybe?) and that causes my output file to appear in the wrong place.
That is a small issue, maybe I can just change my script to output the file in a fixed, global path - this solution would be less flexible but should work.
This seems to be an issue with the current path. When you specify your program's path in HWiNFO, it changes the current path for the process.
To fix this issue, you should modify the EXE to either use the local folder or use a full path. Or alternatively instead of running the EXE, run a script doing a "cd" to the destination folder before running the EXE.