Alienware 18 fan speed hwinfo (AGAIN) but not the same !!!!


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i have been searching for the past 2 days for a solution for my situation but with no luck. the situation is as follows:-
since i always been using hwinfo for all my M18X r1 in the past , the software with EC support disabled allow me to spin my all fans ( CPU, GPU1 and GPU2) at 0RPM, 2000RPM and 3800RPM
but with Alienware 18 its NOT the case since with EC support enabled i can spin the fan faster but it can ONLY control CPU fan and disable the other two fans for the GPUs BUT disabling EC support allows me to control all 3 fans individually ( which is great except for one huge issue, which is the fan speed limitation which is ridiculous :-
- CPU fan run at MAX 3700RPM
- GPU1 fan run at MAX 3500RPM !!!
- GPU2 fan runs at MAX 330RPM ( for no understandable reason since both GPUs uses the same fan!!)!!!!!!!!
NOW i have A12 UNLOCKED bios but as i have the 4910QM chip i cant configure the thermal configurations on my unlocked bios since it can only work with MX processors as i got from reading the whole thread of the unlocked A12 . and i know that the fan tables from dell is a joke!!
i'm doing a lot of overclocking to the CPU ( which this fan setting can handle it pretty well) but GPU overclocking too for my 880M SLI but with this fan setting the temperature is hitting 95C
i have read EVERY singe thread that has been posted on that matter here on this forum, and on two other forums that i cant mention her which took me 2 days to do so, but still i cant find a way to increase the fans RPM for the GPUs . i tried to enable and disable the following
- TPM check
- disable Drive scan
- SMBus suppot
-install driver in driver manager (hwinfo)
put no luck
i don't know if i'm missing something her. please if anyone has any idea how to solve this RPM limitation issue please let me know
i don't mind control all the fans at once as long as i can jump to higher RPM or at least all of them at 3700RPM
thanks in advance


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