Alienware Steam Machine No Fan Control!!


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You said earlier that hwinfo fan control supports all the alienware machines ,,,, but there is no fan control on my alienware steam machine.... Pleaseee if its not supported ,,,,,,,,,,, pleeeeaaaase support itttt ,,,, I am begging uuu :-/ :-/ :huh: :huh: :s :s
1) Dell Steam OS is based on Linux OS dialect and HWiNFO32/HWiNFO64 designed for WINNT platform and I seriously doubt that you will run it in LINUX/UNIX, even using the latest version of WINE HQ. You need to look for an analogue HWiNFO written specifically for your operating system, and any changes to it made DELL engineers with respect to the prototype I do not know because they do not meet with this system.

2) Partial use of the device with a common manufacturer element base like CPU Core i3/5/7-4xxxT series, DDR3-1600 RAM chip or SATA HDD and "Specially designed GPU GTX NVIDIA® GeForce® with GDDR5 memory capacity of 2 GB" (manufacturer does not call GPU models talking about his likeness GF GTX 860M) say that this device has the circuit design features make use of it to set up for desktop/notebook/workstation/server software unusable.