AMD-V Not Detected on Ryzen 5 3600


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Before enabling SVM (AMD-V) on my Ryzen 5 3600 CPU & ASUS ROG STRIX X570-F board, HWiNFO detected the feature as Supported, not Enabled, i.e. red on the summary page.

However, after enabling the feature in my firmware, HWiNFO no longer detects it, i.e. gray on the summary page. Windows 10 1909 has no trouble detecting it and using Hyper-V. (In fact, even HWiNFO realizes it's running under virtualization.)


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This is because Hyper-V is active, in this case the Hypervisor masks presence of the AMD-V feature.
As HWiNFO already stated: "Some results might not reflect real hardware ! " - when virtualization is active the Hypervisor can control any features and guest applications (including the kernel) see only what the Hypervisor allows. Unfortunately there's no way how to access the real hardware directly in this case.
I'm not sure how the Task Manager does detect this, there might be some internal interface provided, or it just assumes that when Hyper-V is active, AMD-V is present as well.