Android Display


Just a quick post regarding the sideshow part of this brilliant piece of software.

Up until a few days ago I only used a windows 6 mobile phone to display this whilst playing games.

Recently i bought a samsung galaxy tab pro and thought it would be nice to use the 10  inch screen as a sideshow device instead, so I have been
using this  to display the gadget, Not perfect, but it works.
Main issues seems to be establishing a connection between reboots of either device and screen rotation, rotate the screen to the orientation you want  before starting the monitor, crashes out if you turn your screen with it running.

The only display option that works properly is Icon with text and min/max values, the other options will either display bars with no text visible or just
the icons visible.

my tablet is running 4.4.2.

thanks again Martin and Nick for your hard work.
Had a look at that before I posted.

I have since tried it and don't think it as it, the better option.

That remark is no way dissing the author of it or criticising his work on it so far, it has potential but needs some work on the display side of things,
as it is at the moment the images are large and the monitors I would like will not not fit so well.

Sidebar is as you say dated and I was not implying or suggesting anyone should do anything at all to any of the software involved, it is what it is.

Both options work over the network so far better and more use than blue-tooth on a phone due to the extended range.

I will try a newer build when one becomes available :)


I quite like this, just have to try and work through the connection issues I seem to be having with it at the moment.
Hi Paul,

Actually, I'm amazed you made it this far.  Nice hacking :cool:   It looks pretty good.

Yeah, the Android project seems to be coming a bit slow, and may not be full featured yet, but at least its coming.  Post in that thread for any questions in case the author is subscribed for notifications.

- Nick
Thanks Nick, but I didn't hack or alter anything at all :) 

It does look nice and its all your work m8, just on a bigger screen than it was ever intended to be on i should think :s 
Tablets were pretty well a myth when you first wrote the gadget, its had a long life and that's a credit to all involved.

I will post in the the thread about the other monitor.