Application crash when trying to reset sensor values started recently

I recently installed 7.14 after an update prompt and have experienced an issue for the last two days. When trying to reset sensor values, the app hangs completely and I must use the Windows dialog box to close the app. After this, the HWiNFO64 item is still visible in Task Manager (but does not consume any resources) and choosing End Task fails, nothing happens. I am also unable to launch HWiNFO again until I have rebooted the system.

In the Event Viewer I only see an Error that states "The program HWiNFO64.EXE version 7.12.4580.0 stopped interacting with Windows and was closed" followed by some process IDs and finally a line that says "Hang type: Cross-thread".

I tried to roll back to 7.12 and initially thought that the rollback fixed the issue, as I could reset the sensor values successfully. But alas, today the hang happened again.

The only recent software change that I can remember is installing MSI Center to control some RGB on my mobo. Could this be the culprit...? I have the MSI Center app set to not run on startup, but I can see three background processes still...

Any logs that I can upload to help debugging? Thank you
Just to make sure - with "reset sensor values" do you mean pressing the "Reset Min/Max/Average Values and Timer" button at bottom of the sensors window?
Running HWiNFO in Debug Mode and after the hang and reboot grabbing the HWiNFO64 Debug File could be helpful for me to determine what's happening there.
Yes, the "Reset Min/Max/Average Values and Timer" is the button I mean.

I will try Debug Mode now! Thank you for your quick reply!!

EDIT: Okay, the DBG file is attached. Had to zip it cause the forum complained the file was too big. Here are the steps I took to reproduce the issue:
1) Rebooted
2) Entered Settings and turned on Debug Mode (Debug Write Direct was already checked)
3) Browed the web a bit, then put the PC in Sleep Mode
4) Woke the PC again
5) Opened the Sensors screen and clicked the button. App froze
6) Closed the app from the "Program not repsonding" Windows prompt
7) Rebooted

Hope the file contains some relevant info.


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Hi, I'm now pretty sure that MSI Center was at fault as I've uninstalled it and not had HWiNFO64 freeze since. Sorry for taking your time.