Aquasuite displaying in liters in HWinfo even though configured in software as gallons


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Is there anyway to configure this in the application or ini file to set this to display in gallons instead of liters. Thanks in advance for your assistance.
You can achieve this by adjusting the value in: Sensor Settings -> Customize -> Customize values -> Multiply
Multiplying the value by 3.785 should give the result in gallons. You can then also rename the unit to anything you like.
Here is what I did, but for some reason the Gadget still shows Water Flow. Should there be an icon on the far left? Lastly, I know my Gadget looks boring. I cant seem to figure out how to place a heading in between CPU, Graphics, Water Cooler, and Network. Thanks in advance for your help.
HWINFO.pngCoolant Flow.png
The HWiNFOMonitor is a bit outdated gadget and doesn't support features that were added later. Unfortunately it's no longer maintained and I don't have access to the source code because it was made by a different person.
You might look for some alternate solution like Rainmeter with HWiNFO plugin or the InfoPanel.