Are prefixes used in HWiNFO for Bytes decimal, or binary like in Windows, where instead of e.g. GiB they still use GB, and 1 GB is equal to 1024 MiB)?


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By looking at Physical Memory Available versus what's shown in Task Manager's Available, I can tell that it's decimal prefixes used for binary.
But is it consistent for every data sensor? I just wanted to rename and rescale them, so pretty much why I'm asking.
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All values shown in HWiNFO as "MB", "GB" are multiples of 1024.
The only exception is disk size which is shown in both variants.
Why is HWiNFO not using IEEE standards? IEEE 1541-2002 was board approved in 2002, published in 2003, ANSI approved in 2005 and superseded by IEEE 1541-2021 in 2021. These standards are not new and remove the confusion between the base 10 unit "kilo, mega, giga, etc." and the base 2 unit "kibi, mebi, gibi, etc." This should be a simple UI update for HWiNFO to implement and push out. There is already the option to edit the displayed unit by the user to correct HWiNFO's wrong prefix. This should be done by default by HWiNFO and not left to the user to fix on their behalf.