Asrock X570 Steel Legend motherboard temperature


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The motherboard temperature in the NCT6796D section is wrong for me, displays a static 62C. There is a motherboard temperature in the BIOS as well as A-Tuning but maybe that comes from a different place?

Also while I'm here the Current and Power input for the SOC VRM seem to mirror the VCORE but maybe that is just a limitation of the ISL69138?


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Please try the latest Beta version (6.35), it should fix the motherboard temperature value.
It's quite unlikely that the VRM Input values match Output values passed from VRM to CPU (Vcore, VSOC). I'd need to see exact details what is reported there.
Here's what I mean. It makes it look like the SOC VRM is terribly inefficient.

Motherboard temperature is correct now.


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I think that there's rather something wrong with the VSOC current telemetry, as if it would sometimes read the VCORE values instead of VSOC.