ASUS Fan speeds inverted?


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When the fans ramp up on my Zepherus G14 laptop, the reported rpm's in HWiNFO64 go down. I'm guessing it's similar to the fan speed issues with other ASUS ROG products.

It says my dbg file is too large to upload, but I uploaded it here: HWiNFO64.DBG


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Please attach a new Debug File containing sensor data too (you need to also open the Sensors window).
If it doesn't fit for upload, compress it before using ZIP, 7zip, etc.
Is this one better? The only way I can get it to generate a debug file is to reboot, but this time I made sure to open the sensors window before doing so.


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This is what the notebook's firmware reports via ACPI as the fan speed. The raw tach readout is proprietary and only ASUS knows how this should be done properly or fixed.
Ouch, that's unfortunate! Thank you for looking into it for me anyway!

The formula I am using to get more usable values is:


That fixes the reported speed going down when the fans spin up and it gets the values to a more reasonable 3000-7000.
Like you said, there's really no way to tell what the actual formula is, but at least it makes it usable for me.

Thanks again!